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    After-sale service:
    Your Satisfaction is Everything

    Terms of Service
    1、Transceiver host for 12 months warranty, accessories (battery, charger) Warranty 6 months
    2、By CN-RADIO Corporation or an authorized dealer stamped 、completed warranty card or a valid original purchase invoice as proof of identification of the warranty period.
    3、If has the following reason, will not be able to enjoy the maintenance treatment:
    1) Beyond the warranty period;
    2) Warranty cards and products are altered or incompatible trace
    3) In the case of non-normal and non-conventional situation will cause the product defects or damage .
    4) By the misuse 、negligence、drop into the water、 defect or damage caused
    5) By the improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment cause the defects or damage
    6) By unauthorized repair, disassemblement cause the damage or defects
    7) Defects or damage factors caused by force majeure
    8) Rechargeable battery as follows:
    a. Sealed battery shell have any damage or any unsealed phenomenon.
    b. charge the battery under the miss operation .
    9) Abrasion under the normal use


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